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Jewelry Buying Tips

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Having the necessary information about the characteristic of diamond will help you a great deal when settling for a jewel purchase. One f the most important factors considered when determining the appearance f the diamond is the cut grade whereby a well cut diamond will definitely have a beautiful outlook even at instances where the color and clarity were conversely low. Our craftsmen at Petragems will create you an elegant jewel with ideal cut diamond proportions that will result to sparkling and brilliant cushion cut diamonds together with other more selections that we have.

It is equally important for customer who are looking for super brilliant diamond to search for that craftsman who will give their diamond a cut grade that is excellent for round diamonds or more so, those with fancy shapes. One of the key aspects you can evaluate is the diamonds symmetry and its polish which should be excellent to ensure that the average cut is not obscured. Furthermore, those willing to part with a less budget may opt to purchase diamond with a relative good cut which may lack scintillations but on the other hand allow for increase of the diamond size significantly at the same price

Remember to check the exclusive products available at Petragems including the unique engagement rings, halo engagement rings, wholesale diamonds, and engagement ring setting alongside other more products that we are able to design according to your preferred choice. Also keep in mind that the level of fluorescent in the diamond may influence our price to your advantage but not necessarily the eventual appearance. It is however advisable not to buy diamonds that have extreme fluorescence though a good dealer will advise you on how the fluorescence is going to impact its final outlook. You are welcomed for discounted rates and timely delivery, contact Petragems salespersons any time and you will love the encounter.

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